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E/Quality Care Trainings are BACK!!!

Thanks to Funding From the NY City Council and NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene we are once again able to offer a limited number of FREE trainings to NYC Based Providers of Mental Health Services.

Over the several years, we’ve provided trainings to thousands of mental health professionals in hundreds of agencies, hospitals, and clinics on how to work more effectively with their LGBTQ consumers.  We take a simple approach to our LGBTQ skills building trainings…..That is, “We start from where you are.”

Our trainings are intended for social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, case managers, CASACs, mental health counselors, Health Home Care Managers, outreach and intake workers, peer specialists, and other health and human services providers.

E/Quality Care currently offers three distinct 90-min trainings – completely FREE - for mental health providers.  With our trainings, providers learn how they can both initiate delicate conversations about sexual orientation/gender identity and identify simple things they can say and do to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for all consumers, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; and implement basic strategies to better understand and meet the needs of LGBTQ consumers of mental health services. 

All trainings include videos of LGBTQ mental health consumers discussing their experiences and describing what helps and what doesn’t; interactive exercises; and small group discussions of clinical vignettes; the videos are also included in our combined 4-hour half-day training curriculum.

These interactive aspects will allow participants to hear first-hand about clients’ challenges and concerns; build their understanding of terminology; role-play affirming conversations; and create a sense of comfort and confidence in providing LGBTQ affirming care.

LGBTQ 101 Welcoming LGBTQ People Into Recovery

LGBTQ 101 Asking Questions and Dealing with the Answers

Transgender 101

FREE trainings are being scheduled for
January – June 2019!


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Spencer Casseus, Director of Community Engagement

Consumer Trainings
In addition to the three curricula outlined above, we also offer a 30-min interactive training that was developed for consumers/clients of mental health programs, Clubhouses and out/in patient units. Consumers are invited to share aspects of themselves they are proud of, how it feels to be judged or misunderstood and centers the consumer on the recovery oriented value of acceptance and support


About Rainbow Heights Club
Rainbow Heights Club is an advocacy and social program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adults living with serious mental health issues. RHC is a project of Heights Hill Mental Health Services Community Advisory Board, South Beach Psychiatric. RHC provides a safe place for LGBGQ consumers of mental health services by offering support, friendship, social interaction and acceptance. The Club provides computer classes, support groups, social activity groups, free daily meal program, and other programming in a warm and supportive environment.  You may also visit us at for a detailed overview ofthe referral and admissions process regarding our agency and programming.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our trainings, please don't hesitate to our Director of Community Engagement, Spencer Casseus at


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Funding for the development and evaluation of these trainings provided by:
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Funding for these trainings provided by:
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Division of Mental Health