Welcoming Transgender Individuals Into Care: Navigating Birth Certificate Gender Marker Correction

Resources to Accompany the 90 Minute Training for NYC-DOHMH Funded Behavioral Health Providers


Resources for Providers to Use and Share with Consumers

NYC DOHMH Office of Vital Records - Certificates Corrections Page
Here, providers can find an overview of NYC-issued certificates and how to acquire them.

Birth Certificate Gender Correction Application Overview
Here, providers can see a brief explanation of the gender marker correction process.

Birth Certificate Corrections Application form (VR-172)

Template for Provider's Affirmation/Affidavit Form for Transgender Clients Seeking Birth Certificate Gender Correction

New York City Civil Court's Information About Name Changes

Transgender Health Resources in NYC

•Section of the NYC Administrative Code Relevant to Transgender Persons as a Protected Class

•Legal Rights and Resources for Transgender Persons Seeking Shelter Services/Housing in NYC


Training Hand-Outs

Rainbow Heights Club Brochure
Here, providers can find an overview of the Club.
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How to Refer Clients to Rainbow Heights Club and Guidelines for Effective Care
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Birth Certificate Gender Marker Correction Guide for Providers
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Transgender Community Providers

-Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Social Services
-LGBT Community Center / Gender Identity Project
212-620-7310, press 1 and ask for a screening counselor from 12 - 4 pm on Monday-Friday

-New York Legal Assistance Group / LGBT Law Project
212-613-5000 ext. 5107

-Sylivia Rivera Law Project

Resources for Providers to Learn More about Transgender Issues

Rainbow Heights Club's Guide to Local LGBT Mental Health Resources
This helpful table marks various LGBT-affirmative resources and highlights the targeted populations of each agency/organization.

American Psychological Association’s “Answers to your questions about transgender people, gender identity, and gender expression"
This helpful guide starts with the basic definitions and preliminary questions for those who would like to begin a conversation about transgender populations in their own work. Downloadable materials are available in English, Russian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. http://www.apa.org/topics/lgbt/transgender.aspx

Understanding Issues Facing Transgender Americans is an introduction to the many issues facing transgender Americans. From high rates of poverty, harassment, violence, poor health, limited job opportunities, and isolation from their larger communities, transgender people, especially transgender women and transgender people of color, are among the most vulnerable communities in the country. The guide includes policy recommendations to address these harmful disparities and to improve the lives of transgender Americans.

National Alliance on Mental Illness Fact Sheet:Disparities in Mental Health Treatment among GLBT Populations
This short fact sheet highlights the disproportionate need for target mental health care for LBGT populations.

Top Health Issues for LGBT Populations Information & Resource Kit
This kit serves as an overview of LGBT health issues and even offers language guidlines for providers seeking more information on how to be effective with LGBT clients.

Trans America
The Trans America section highlights the transgender experience in America, including the varying legal protections for transgender people from state to state, personal accounts of people in transition, and reviews of media portrayals of transgender people.

Empire Justice Center's New York State Human Rights Law Flyer
Empire Justice Center's LGBT Rigths Project, which provides free legal services to low income lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex clients in Western and Central New York, outlines a quick review of legal protections in for transgender New Yorkers in this handy flyer.

Empire Justice Center's Know Your Rights Guide
Empire Justice Center's LGBT Rigths Project, which provides free legal services to low income lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex clients in Western and Central New York, reviews legal protections for transgender and gender nonconforming New Yorkers in this pamphlet.

HRC's Guide to Safer Sex for Trans Bodies
The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) civil rights organization, and Whitman-Walker Health, a community health center with special expertise in LGBTQ and HIV-related care, released Safer Sex for Trans Bodies, a comprehensive sexual health guide for transgender and gender expansive people and their partners. The guide fills a significant gap in inclusive, publicly-available sexual health resources for transgender and gender expansive people.

A Training Toolkit Using Motivational Interviewing
The Temple Collaborative announces the availability of a toolkit to assist direct service personnel in talking about intimacy and sexuality in a helpful and productive fashion, a topic that has been an uncomfortable one for both staff and consumers despite its importance to healthy functioning in community settings. The creators reached out to our very own Executive Director Dr.Christian Huygen and inlcuded some of his suggestions!

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